• IHD 2013: LMHI promotes homeopathy in Bogotá, Colombia
• Back to the roots: LMHI has new seat in the house of Samuel Hahnemann in Köthen
• Homeopathy under attack in USA and Brazil
• LMHI Research Publications

– Scientific Framework Homeopathy – Evidenced Based Homeopathy 2013
– 3rd edition of LMHI Guidelines on Clinical Verification of Homeopathic Symptoms
– 2nd edition of LMHI Guidelines for a Homeopathic Drug Proving
• CCRH publication provides reference of homeopathic research conducted by Indian scientists
• New results of research on homeopathic medicines: Can water possibly have a memory?
• 68th LMHI Congress, 04-07 June 2013, Quito (Ecuador): An Encounter for Homeopaths
– International Council Meeting 2013 on 3 June 2013 at Swissotel Quito
– 3rd meeting of the LMHI Working groups on 4 June 2013
• Reminder: Online survey "Homeopathic Pharmacy and Dentistry in the World"
• LMHI Accreditation: Turkish Classical Homeopathy Association becomes first LMHI
accredited school
• Preview: 69th LMHI Congress: 16-19 July 2014, Paris (France)
• National Events: 2nd International Conference on Agriculture in Homeopathy, Brazil



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