• International Homeopathy Day 2011: LMHI Supports Medical Homeopathy in Croatia
• Slovenia: Homeopathic Medicines Finally Available
• Homeopathic Developments in New LMHI Member China: Translation of Kent
Repertory / Chinese Homeopathy Definition / Visit of LMHI Secretary for Pharmacy
• Emergency Situation in Japan: How Homeopathy Can Help

The Liga themes
Confirmation: 67th LIGA Congress 2012 Will Take Place in Nara, Japan
• Switzerland: Re-Integration of Homeopathy in Basic Health Care
• Poland: Lawsuit against Former President of Polish Homeopathy Association
• Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier: Support for Homeopathy in Science Interview
• News about Homeopathy in Canada
• In Memoriam: Dr. D. P. Rastogi – An Ambassador of Indian Homeopathy
• World Homoeopathic Congress 2011: Welcome to the 66th LIGA Congress in India
• International Video Project "Homeopathy Works for Me"
• Scientific Framework Homeopathy 2010 – Portuguese Version Available
• Clinical Efficacy of Homeopathy: Report of the LMHI Research Working Group



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